Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Double-glazed windows are being installed.  A presentation was made to a group in which the technology of the window was demonstrated.  More on the fabrication of the windows will be added shortly.  The following photographs show the 'ProtectoWrap' applied to the window openings prior to the installation of the window frames.  Once the window frames have been installed, the opening sashes are fitted. Note that these sashes  opening inwards - not common for New Zealand (historically).   Airtightness around the window frames is managed with the application of an expandable foam between the window frame and the opening, and is air-seal taped connecting the exterior 'Ecoply Barrier' to the window frame.

Inward opening window sash
The inside of a window has its sill sitting on the floor



Door hinge
Door handle

The windows have been protected by 'TPS' spray application to the exterior surface of the glass; and cardboard guards fitted to the interior exposed reveals of the timber window joinery.  Both are removed later in the project duration

This picture shows the head and jamb of the installed window frame  
- the house interior is to the right.  The picture below is of the jamb and sill.


Elrond said...

Great stuff! Nice to know double glazing is enough for PH in Auckland area (assume most of NI, maybe SI also?) and to see some decent glazing being used in NZ! ;-)

When you say airtightness is managed with expanding foam - will there be a tape between window frames & the airtight barrier or just the foam? In UK we are taping window frames to the vapour check membrane or OSB whichever provided the airtight performance for walls.


PH1NZ said...

Double glazing is all that is required for Auckland's climate. The vapour check membrane is taped to the joinery frames to ensure a continuous envelope.

squashplayer said...

Excellent set of photo's.

squashplayer said...

What is the U value for these frames? And what type of IGU are you using? Are you using one piece of glass E coated with argon inside? or something else and what is the U value of the IGU?

Anonymous said...

The first time I see windows installed in line with the wall, as opposed to the BC and WANZ methods that have no consideration for the thermal performance at all!
Well done!
I'd guess U value of the IGU would be 1.1 with lowE and argon... 12mm or 16mm spacer.

eHaus said...

The IGU that are fitted have various glass and spacer thickness. The average U value is 1.5 with the spacer thickness ranging from 12-16mm.

The IGU performance is sufficient for this climate but depending on design triple glazing will be required in some North Island locations and certainly in the South Island. The average Kiwi likes a lot of glass so the more you have the more the performance becomes critical to achieve the PH standard.

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