Friday, February 10, 2012


The first section of roof has been laid to the rear section of the PH.  HI RIB trough-section roofing by Steel and Tube has been used, laid over building paper.  
Structural steel frames are installed for the roof structure of the front section of the PH.  
Attention has been paid to the management of the pro clima 'Intello' membranes, as can be seen in its placement in details around the building envelope.  This can be seen in the way it has been placed around the steel lintel-beam, and roof cross bracing connections.

While the roof is being built, concrete block walls are being erected, and wall framing continues on.  Refer to the Walls chapters of this blog for more pictures of these elements.


Roof trusses form the structure to the roof of the rear section of the house,
and boric treated Laserframe rafters have been used for the living area of the PH.
The Laserframe rafters extend out beyond the face of the building to form a generous eave,
that will provide solar shading.
Steel rod cross bracing is fixed to the structural steel work.
 INTELLO membrane is used between the connection and the steelwork.
INTELLO has been fitted between the roof brace connector and the external structural
element - which in this case,  is the steel frame.

The INTELLO membrane is detailed to be continuous.
This has been achieved on site by fitting strips as seen in this collection of photos.
These strips will be taped to the main membranes that will be
applied later in the construction process. 
Building paper from beneath the roofing will be managed
ready for the application of  Ecoply to be fixed to the wall.
The eave at the rear of the building.
The roofing profile, with black building paper protruding from beneath to move any
condensated moisture to flow to the spouting that will be affixed to the fascia board.

A roof window sits on the roof at the rear of the house. These views show it sitting on top of the roof, and also viewed from beneath  inside the house.

In the photo above, the building paper from the roof (viewed in the previous photo) 
is turned up behind the 'Ecoply Barrier' fixed to the outside of the framing.  
Refer to the 'Walls - Claddings' page for the functional and photographic 
information on 'Ecoply Barrier'.

The metal roof is complete, and the photovoltaic panels have been installed on top.  
They can be seen on the roof to the left of this photograph.


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