Thursday, January 26, 2012


Once the timber framed walls were secured, the timber roof trusses were loaded onto the Laserframe timber framed walls.  The white strip is  the pro clima INTELLO PLUS connection strip applied between the timber framed top plates and the trusses.

Steel strip bracing being applied.
Pro clima INTELLO PLUS connection strip fitted 
between the  timber top plate and the roof framing.
The roof construction has continued over the large open plan living-area section of the house.  This roof is a timber framed skillion roof, with a generous eave over the large glazed sliding doors.  Care has been taken to ensure the air-tightness layer is managed between elements of construction layers to ensure it is continuous, forming an entire membrane to the structure.

The living area has a high ceiling, and the rafters extend to form a wide eave over the slider door

Rafters are birds-mouthed over the top plate of the timber framing. The Intello membrane that will create an uninterupted layer of air-tightness containing the house interior can be seen sitting between the rafter and the top plate.

Framing extends for the wide eave over the door.

The framing for the eave beyond the top of a concrete block masonry wall

The bulk of the house now has its timber framed roof.


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