Sunday, July 22, 2012


The Owners have now moved into the house.  Landscaping is underway, and finishing touches within the house continue.  Joinery fitments, electrical and sanitary fitments have been installed. 
The blog will continue, but with less frequent entries.  A professional photographer will provide final photos of the finished Passive House.  

There are some items in this house that are not essential to Passive House requirement, and are of the house owners personal choice e.g. the fireplace, photovoltaic energy generation and concrete-block walls.  The additional requirements for a Passive House is probably 10-20% more expensive than a standard build. Over time this cost will reduce as materials become more readily available, and builders become more familiar with the techniques involved. But, the ongoing lack of cost in energy consumption and personal comfort and well-being more than compensates for the initial investment in building.


Rosemary said...

Fantastic! What cost press did it end up. I have always been disappointed that nz eco houses have mostly been at the high end of costs - hardly sustainable Or accessible xxxxx

Blair S said...

Fantastic Blog guys,
I'm currently looking at building a new home and will now look at making it passive. (Makes sense to future proof it!) However I'm getting extreme resistance from local builders and designers saying it triples build cost etc. Im happy to pay more for a Super insulated house as expect that but now that you all moved how did the estimated budget vs actual budget work out? And what things now that your completed would you not do next time? I.e learnt from?
Also is it actually performing as expected?
How does the ventilation system cope with the latent loads and high humidity we experience in Auckland?
With this system do you still need building code Bathroom extract and Kitchen extract systems as well?
If so how do these work in keeping the home "air tight"?

Looking forward to your feed back.



PH1NZ said...

A link to the recent interview on Close-up has been loaded onto both the Publication and Interview pages. This outlines costs to a point. Generally estimated to be 10-20% more expensive than the usual build, but as well as huge savings through energy efficiency, the health and comfort of the occupants is hugely increased.

The ventilation system is set for various climatic conditions, and also extracts moisture from areas such as bathrooms.

Air-tightness is needed to prevent uncontrolled drafts. The house continually ventilates through the ventilation system, and windows can be opened for additional ventilation as required e.g. summer.

Jon Iliffe said...

Hi Blair,

eHaus has another 4 Passive House builds in various stages with others in the pipeline. It depends where you are building in the country as to the cost. The houses we are building in the lower north island are coming in at an average of $2150m2. This includes the best performing triple glazing in the world!

Auckland does not require triple glazing so the price could be less. So much depends on the design and the clients requirements so it is very hard to give firm figures. But this should give you an idea. If you want to know more

Blair S said...

Thanks Jon, and PH1NZ,
For such a energy saving and healthy comfortable home its actually very affordable in my mind. Wish more NZDers would invest in there Housing stock like this and save all the leaky building and health issues that end up costing us the tax payer more.
I'm looking to build in Raglan which has lower humidity levels than Auckland, but also lower average winter temps. A builder mate recently competed a new home in Raglan, built to NZ current improved "min" insulation and tightness standards, with Aluminium Double glazed windows. After staying in it for a weekend I witnessed massive condensation issues and massive temperature variations as it varied in temp from 25 DegC in the lounge with the fire on to 10 to 12 Deg C in the bedrooms. But hey he built it for $1600 sqm. Complete waste of money and insight in my book. He the builder thinks its fantastic and is telling me not to waste my time "over capitalising" on this passive mumbo jumbo non proven system of air tight super insulation saying it will cost three times. The ignorance in the industry is saddening. Good on you PH1NZ for taking the stand and pushing against the local system to get what you wanted. I will be doing the same as I know this must become the standard in the years to come, and I want a home that I can enjoy with minimal energy bills / maintenance for years to come!

sarah somerville said...
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Blair S said...
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you're up said...

Hi there. Any chance you can tell me what you did about range hood and drier ducting? Did you dict these to external wall thus compromising your air-tightness, or opt for recirculating models. If the latter, how are these performing? Cheers

Dynamicdetails said...

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Unknown said...

range hood is a recirculating model with a charcoal filter - Works really well!. Dryer is a condensing version that does not require a vent and the extra heat it generates is used by the ventilation system!

mike bonar said...
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WilliG said...

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Anaid Avet said...

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Unknown said...

This looks awesome! Always great to see a house properly built for warmth and comfort. Hope you got the sparkies at to wire it up. Good bunch of blokes.

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