Monday, March 12, 2012


The roof for the garage at the street end of the PH is a flat roof that will incorporate an insulating layer laid beneath the roofing membrane.  The roofing membrame consists of a base-sheet layer of Nuraply 3PV-SA which is fixed over the insulation. This sheet is designed specifically for adhering to the insulation and provides a complete watertight layer once installed. A cap sheet of Nuraply 3P is welded onto the basesheet layer. The joints are welded to ensure a watertight solution. 

Laid to a fall for water drainage, the roof is timber framed with 'Ecoply' plywood laid over as a substrate for the roofing elements. The plywood is glue and screw fixed to the timber framing.

Once the 'Ecoply' substrate has been laid, 'IKO Enertherm' insulation panels are laid to which the 'Nuraply' roofing membrane is adhered.  IKO enertherm ALU is a 100 % CFC-free insulation board with a rigid polyisocyanurate foam core, faced with aluminium tri-laminate foil on both sides that has higher insulation values than most available insulation products.  The product is fixed with 'Ikofix' insulation fasteners as seen in the following pictures (blue) that are pressed through the insulation board.


Note the 45 degree chamfered beading to the corners formed at the intersections of surfaces e.g. wall to roof.  

The first layer of the 'Nuraply' double layer roofing membrane is continued up the abutting vertical surfaces, and turned down on the exterior edges at the bottom of the roof, where roof surface water will be discharged into fascia-mounted spouting.


The second layer of the 'Nuraply' roofing membrane is laid, with joins being heat sealed using a torched-on system.
On the downward fascia edge of the roof this picture shows the
upper layer sitting over the lower layer of membrane 
The top layer
The following pictures show how the membrane is dressed around the edge off the roof - to form upstands, downturns and seals at internal and external corners.  These are all areas that are prone to water ingress, so particular detail and application is imperative.

Rolls of the membrane stored on site.
Powdercoat finished aluminium capping flashings are fitted on top of the parapet walls above the garage roof.  Guides are nail fixed, and long lengths of flashing will be fitted over these, overlaid with lapped joins to allow for thermal movement of the metal.


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